Multi Pack Denominations

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What is this and when should it be used?

This feature is used in cases where customers always want to operate using the base unit or single item quantities and pricing of their products. Product prices are shown and negotiated on the price of a single unit/item but are still sold and delivered in different pack sizes. It allows users to see "per item" pricing and apply discounts and deals on a per item level but then makes it easy to quickly input quantities in the relevant pack sizes on offer. We offer three options of pack sizes, Inner quantities, Outer quantities and Pallet quantities.

Let’s have a look at this scenario: Imagine a customer is selling 500ml bottles of Coca-Cola. They always sell in bottles and they always negotiate prices per bottle. How the bottles are packaged when they show up is not that relevant to the end customer as long as it is the number of bottles that were ordered.

E.g. Continued. The above would be a good case to use our new denominations. It makes it easier for the sales rep to deal with the customer on a per-bottle price and see one product represented in the order lists, but still place the order in convenient pack quantities that are on offer:

  • Inner - Could be 6 (six-pack of 6 bottles)
  • Outer - Could be 24 (a case of 4 six-packs)
  • Pallet - Could be a pallet of 6 cases a layer stacked 4 layers


Web portal set up: 

Follow these steps to set up the minimum order quantity (MOQ), Inner, Outer/Pack and Pallet. This has to be done per product. 

1. Go to the Products tab then select a product. 

2. Select order units, and add order unit.


3. Add Minimum order quantity, Inner quantity, Outer quantity and/or Pallet quantity and select the CREATE button and the same will be updated and displayed on the field application.   

If a product has a value for the Minimum order quantity, Inner quantity, Outer quantity and/or Pallet quantity only then will the popup appear on the application otherwise popup will not appear if these values are not specified. 

Quantities will increase and decrease depending on stock availability, If a product has stock availability of only 20 for example then it will allow to add the max quantity of 20.

On the initial popup, the user will get all the + active buttons for Minimum order quantity, Inner quantity, Outer quantity and Pallet quantity. Once the user starts adding quantities the application will display the (+) active and (-) inactive (greyed out) according to stock availability.


If a MOQ is specified, then users are unable to order fewer than the predetermined number thanks to the MOQ functionality.

Clear out quantities button

To make adding all of the available stock simple, this button (Add all ___ stock) was added to the multipack popup. It is significantly quicker than having to type huge numbers into the box and is helpful in the clear-out scenario when customers frequently sell all the stock they have of an item.



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